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Cuts 4 Mutts is a well established mobile dog grooming business  operating in Rugby, with a proven track record. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional service matched to the customers expectations.

We operate in a custom made van which provides all the following services for your family pet:-

Warm Hydro Bath

We give your dog a shower using warm water  in the bath with a coat conditioning shampoo, which removes soiling from their coat.

Their coat is dried using a combination of towels and a turbo hot air dryer. 

Coat / Nail Clipping

We clip your dogs coat to bring it back to the way you want it. We can also clip their nails to ensure that they are in the best condition.

Micro Chipping

We can check whether your dog has a micro-chip, and where this hasn't been done we can install one. This is soon to become a legal requirement for all dogs !